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Farzad Alavi Fard

First Name: Farzad Alavi
Surname: Fard
Department Dept of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies
Supervisor(s): Doctor Tak Kuen (Ken) Siu ,

Email Student

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Paper Title

Optimal Dealer’s Pricing Strategy under Regime Switching Economy


The research examines the optimal behaviour of a single dealer who is faced with a stochastic demand and supply to trade. Their market activities are depicted as the stochastic generation of market orders according to a Markovian Regime Switching Poisson process. The intensities of Bid and Ask orders are assumed to be dependent on the state of the economy and the objective is to effectively describe the temporal microstructure, or moment-to-moment trading activities in asset markets. Using stochastic dynamic programming, we derive the optimal bid and ask prices that maximize the dealer’s expected utility of terminal wealth as a function of the state in which they find themself. The relationship of the bid and ask prices to inventory of the dealer, instantaneous variance of return, stochastic arrival of transactions and other variables is examined. Finally, we solve the optimization problem numerically, using a Finite Element Method.

Research limitations/implications

To the knowledge of the authors, an analytical solution for the optimization problem does not exist.


Regime Switching Micro Structure, Galerkin Method