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Jashim Uddin

First Name: Jashim
Surname: Uddin
Department Dept of Marketing and Management
Supervisor(s): Professor Greg Elliott , Dr. Hamin Hamin

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Paper Title

The Impact of Country- of- Origin (COO) on Australian Procurement Managers


The proposed study intends to investigate the role of the COO cue in the decisions of purchasing/procurement managers and in their choice of supplier companies and countries.


To date there has been little research examining the impact of COO from the Business to Business (B2B) perspective. At the same time, COO researchers have pointed to the importance of addressing COO as a multi-disciplinary concept. The proposed study intends to fill the research gap by developing a model integrating COO’s multi-faceted linkages from B2B perspective. In particular, the research will examine the importance of the COO cue in the importing decisions of Australian purchasing/procurement managers.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

The proposed research is based on the presumption of the cognitive premises of a linear compensatory multi-attribute attitude model, which would examine the contribution of COO amongst a detailed array of product and country attributes. Additionally, the conceptual framework has been developed through a review of the extant literature on COO, global purchasing, international sourcing, supplier selection, and international trade.


This study will be based on primary data collected through a structured questionnaire survey and its analysis will be quantitative in nature. A database of purchasing managers will be used to construct the sample and to conduct the online survey. The proposed data analysis techniques, at this stage, are structural equation modelling (SEM), hierarchical regression analysis, and analysis of variance (ANOVA).


The research hypotheses of the study are not yet tested empirically.

Research limitations/implications

The proposed study may academically contribute to the existing body of knowledge regarding critical success factors of international suppliers from the viewpoint of buyers. It will also provide a new perspective about the presumed importance of the COO cue in determining the purchasing decisions of importing/purchasing/procurement managers.

Practical and Social implications

The identification of the determinants of procurement managers’ decisions with regard to both “company” and “country” suppliers will result in an improved understanding of the critical success factors for exporter countries and companies.


COO, Procurement managers, Global purchasing, Company image, Country image.