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Lauren Gellatly

First Name: Lauren
Surname: Gellatly
Department Dept of Marketing and Management
Supervisor(s): Dr. Leanne Carter , Dr. Steven D'Alessandro

Email Student

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Paper Title

Internal Marketing, Public Service Motivation, Persistence and Performance of Australian Academics


Internal Market Orientation, Internal Marketing Practices and the Link with Employee Motivation, Persistence and Performance


To assess how internal marketing (IM) can be used to improve employee persistence, public service motivation (PSM) and performance for academic staff at Australian universities.


Consideration of a link between internal market orientation, internal marketing practices, public service motivation and individual persistence has yet to be made in the literature. This study aims to uncover these links with a view to improving performance and service quality.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

IM literature (Gounaris, 2008; Lings & Greenley, 2005) suggests a relationship between IM and employee performance. This relationship may be moderated by PSM (Perry, 1996) and persistence (Duckworth & Quinn, 2009).


Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected to assist in creating and testing a theoretical model. This paper presents results from the qualitative phase, consisting of 20 semi-structured interviews of academics from Australian universities.

Research limitations/implications

The model formed in this study may be applicable to organisations outside the Australian tertiary education sector, although performance measures will need to be altered to be relevant to the context.

Practical and Social implications

Assessing how IM can be used to improve employee motivation, persistence and performance may be of great value to both universities, and other service organisations who are operating in an increasingly competitive environment.

The performance measures examined may also affect the attraction and retention of both funding and students, both of which are essential for the survival of a university, particularly in an environment which is becoming increasingly competitive. The increasing use of rankings of universities and greater transparency of outcomes as evidenced by the My University website and Universities Good Guide, means employee performance is vital.


internal marketing, public service motivation, employee performance, persistence