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Md. Habib-Uz-Zaman Khan

First Name: Md Habib
Surname: Khan
Department Dept of Accounting and Corporate Governance
Supervisor(s): Dr Maria Cadiz Dyball , Dr Sujatha Perera

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Paper Title

Multi-dimensional performance measurement practices in developing countries: a review of literature and future direction


The purpose of this paper is to review multi-dimensional performance measures (MPM) studies from the developing countries between the years 1987 and 2011 and to provide future research directions.


To the best of our knowledge, the paper is the first of its kind to review and explore developing countries MPM status, identifying factors influencing MPM and barriers of MPM use.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

The study is grounded by literature review method


This study review and analyses over 100 papers organised in relation to research topics, research settings, research theories, research method and primary data analysis technique.


The key findings are fivefold (a) Majority of studies lacks explicit articulation of theoretical perspectives (b) Developing countries firms use MPM to larger extent, despite the rate of MPM differ between countries (c) Balanced scorecard-as a MPM tool- is extremely popular among the firms in developing countries, and no other alternative MPM tools are practiced. (d) MPM systems on financial industry has not been much emphasised in the developing countries literature (e) Modelling technique (e.g., structural equation modelling (SEM), partial least squares (PLS)) have been received little attention in developing countries PM research as part of quantitative data analysis technique.

Research limitations/implications

Despite being systematic and rigorous, the current study might have omitted some related work that (i) has been published in areas other than accounting, management, and strategy (e.g., information systems); (ii) has been published in a non-English-language journal; or (iii) refers to books, conference proceedings or professional publications or unpublished thesis.

Practical and Social implications

The paper has important implications for the understanding of firms’ performance measurement practice in developing countries, which adds to current academic knowledge and helps inform others (e.g., researchers, managers etc.)


Management accounting system; Performance measurement system; Multi-dimensional performance measures (MPM), Balanced scorecard (BSC), Developing countries.