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Somayeh Alizadeh

First Name: Somayeh
Surname: Alizadeh
Department Dept of Marketing and Management
Supervisor(s): Dr. Meena Chavan , Dr. Hamin Hamin

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Paper Title

Healthcare quality and patient satisfaction in culturally diverse context of Australia


This research identifies dimensions of health service quality and explores the relationship between patient perception of healthcare quality, patient satisfaction, and the mediating and moderating effects of perceived value of service. This study aims also to investigate the significance of socio-demographic variables including the patient’s ethnicity in determining healthcare quality and satisfaction in the culturally diverse context of Australia.


This research is noteworthy in drawing on the current literature on service quality to identify the main dimensions of health service quality. Additionally, this study examines both moderating and mediating effects of perceived value and the impact of ethnicity on patients’ perception of healthcare quality and satisfaction.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

An extensive number of service quality and customer satisfaction theories and frameworks are reviewed and applied in this research.


Mixed method research combining qualitative and qualitative approach is adopted in this study. A comprehensive review on service quality and customer satisfaction theories is conducted to identify the main dimensions of health service quality. Qualitative interviews with patients are carried out to primarily validate the proposed dimensions and quantitative approach is adopted to test the relationships among the variables.


Research is in progress.

Practical and Social implications

This research may identify factors impacting patient satisfaction and has policy implications in relation to access and equity to hospital services for diverse groups and the need for cross cultural competence and training.


Healthcare quality, service value, patient satisfaction, cultural diversity, Australia