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Yousun Shin

First Name: Yousun
Surname: Shin
Department Dept of Economics
Supervisor(s): Professor David Throsby , Associate Professor Tony Bryant

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Paper Title

Effects of Free Cultural Trade on Cultural Diversity


This study aims to investigate the effects of free trade on cultural diversity at national and global levels.


Thus far there has been little research that examines cultural diversity at both national and global levels.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

This study draws upon propositions of two sub-disciplines of economics, cultural economics and international trade.


I attempt to construct a theoretical model of cultural trade, and test the propositions derived from the model by utilising cultural trade data of developed countries.


Not yet available.

Research limitations/implications

Potential results of this study will be able to provide some clarification on the concept of cultural diversity in the context of international trade of cultural products; and allow for a better understanding of the dynamics of cultural diversity as free trade accelerates.


Cultural Trade, Cultural Diversity, Diversity Measure