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HDR Expo 2010 Friday 19th November The Grace Hotel, Sydney

Keynote Speaker

Dr David Skellern

Keynote SpeakerDavid Skellern has been CEO of National ICT Australia (NICTA) since mid-2005.  He has a background as a successful ICT entrepreneur, following a career in scientific research, industrial R&D, and engineering education.

Dr Skellern spent 10 years from 1974 designing, building and commissioning instrumentation and extensions for the Fleurs Synthesis Radiotelescope before joining the academic staff at Sydney University's Electrical Engineering Department.  In 1989 he moved to Macquarie University as Professor and Head of Electronics.  He has worked for several companies on sabbaticals, including over two years at HP Labs.

In 1997 he co-founded Radiata Inc to build wireless LAN chips based on research he led at Macquarie University, in collaboration with CSIRO.   Radiata demonstrated the world’s first IEEE 802.11a chip-set in September 2000 and was acquired by Cisco Systems.  Dr Skellern subsequently moved to California as Technology Director of Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit.

Dr Skellern has BSc, BE and PhD degrees from Sydney University.  He was awarded the 2007 CSIRO Tony Benson Award for Individual Achievement in ICT and is an IEEE Fellow, an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Keynote Title

The role of ICT in transforming business


The technological revolution of the past few decades has had a massive impact on society.  ICT has woven itself into the fabric of our personal lives, and has also had a huge impact on the way we conduct business.  Within the rapidly changing business environments in which we find ourselves, there are huge benefits to be had from businesses embracing technology and practising innovation to transform and improve their processes and models.
In this talk, Dr David Skellern will talk about ICT as a major driver of productivity and economic growth, and provide a number of examples where companies have used ICT to transform their businesses to increase efficiency. He will also provide examples of entirely new businesses models made possible by ICT, and also explore what is necessary for businesses to embrace innovation and reap all the benefits that technology has to offer.