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Sharron O'Neill

Media Mentions

  • Photo relating to Why big business can't ignore truck safety - Sharron O'NeillWhy big business can't ignore truck safety - Sharron O'Neill
  • Sharron O'Neill published an article in The Conversation about the importance of truck safety.

    • Publication: The Conversation
    • Title: Pushing it up the chain: Why big business can't ignore truck safety
    • Published: 17 February, 2014
    • Author: Dr Sharron O'Neill, International Governance and Performance Research Centre


    Meeting corporate obligations along the supply chain is not just good practice - when it comes to workers' safety, it's the law. This came sharply into focus last week as raids and prosecutions of transport companies operating in NSW and Victoria generated substantial media attention...

    ...Anyone with corporate governance responsibilities should take note. Neither the governance issues at the heart of this problem, nor the ability to prosecute over unsafe work practices in the supply chain, are confined to the transport industry.

    Read the full article "Pushing it up the chain: Why big business can't ignore truck safety".

  • Photo relating to Interview – 7.30 reportInterview – 7.30 report

  • Our research project team leader (Prof Ray Markey) interviewed re: changes to NSW Workers Compensations Scheme

    • Media: ABC – 7.30 report
    • Date: 7 Feb 2014
    • Title: Are workers compensation laws hurting workers or helping them?

    View the 7.30 website

  • Photo relating to Articles reporting on Citi’s new approach to corporate disclosure on SafetyArticles reporting on Citi’s new approach to corporate disclosure on Safety

  • Various articles reported on Citibank’s new approach to WHS performance reporting (prompted by Sharron O’Neill’s research as reported in the Citi 2013 Spotlight on Safety report – see ‘Safety Spotlight’ media mention below). Some drew parallels to the recent Safe Work Australia report (of which Sharron O’Neill was lead author).

    • Publication: The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
    • Published: 29 Jan 2014
    • Title: Safety performances at Australia’s top companies is serious business

    View the SMH / Age article

    • Publication: SafetyAtWork
    • Published: 31 Jan 2014
    • Title: Citi Research provides insight into Australian corporate safety performance

    View the SafetyAtWork article

    • Publication: Workplace OHS
    • Published: 4 Feb 2014
    • Title: Investors Expect WHS reports, but limitations persist

    View the Workplace OHS article

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Teaching Awards

Recipient of the following UWS Teaching Excellence awards:

  • Faculty of Law and Business Individual Teaching Excellence Award  (2004)
  • Vice Chancellors Award (Commendation) for Excellence in Social Justice  (2004)
  • Vice Chancellors Award (Highly Commended) for Excellence in Teaching (2003)

Program Coordination

  • 2004-2006: Head of postgraduate programs (UWS)
    • Master of Professional Accounting
    • Master of Accountancy
    • Graduate Diploma in Accounting

Units Taught


  • Introductory Financial Accounting / Financial Accounting A
  • Introductory Management Accounting
  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Social and Environmental Accounting
  • Accounting Theories and Philosophies


  • Financial Accounting A / Introductory Accounting
  • Management Accounting A
  • Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Accounting Theory