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Shane Oliver

Dr Shane Oliver

Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP.

Dr Shane Oliver is Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital Investors. Beyond his role as an economic forecaster and analyst to asset class portfolio managers within AMP, his commentary is widely sought on global economic events and investment markets, offering valuable insight into financial matters and the implications of change. Download Dr Shane Oliver's presentation (PDF 549KB)

Sanjiv Das

Professor Sanjiv Das

Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University.

Sanjiv Das is Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, and previously held faculty appointments at Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley. He also holds post-graduate degrees in finance and computer science. Download Professor Sanjiv Das' presentation (PDF 3MB)

Rafal WeronProfessor Rafal Weron

Professor of Economics at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Rafal Weron is the associate editor of Computational Statistics, Journal of Energy Markets, Operations Research and Decisions, and Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications. His research focuses on developing risk management and forecasting tools for the energy industry and computational statistics as applied to finance and insurance. Download Professor Rafal Weron's presentation (PDF 3.2MB)

Robert ElliottProfessor Robert Elliott

Scientific Director, Centre for the Quantification and Management of Risk at the University of Adelaide.

Professor Robert Elliott is an ARC Professorial Fellow at the University of Adelaide, and Scientific Director at the University's Centre for the Quantification and Management of Risk. Download Professor Robert Elliott's presentation (PDF 151KB)

Alden Toevs

Dr Alden Toevs

Group Chief Risk Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Alden joined the Commonwealth Bank of Australia on 23 June 2008 as Group Chief Risk Officer.  Alden provides leadership in ensuring effective risk management and risk governance across the Bank and also helps govern the Group through membership on the Bank’s Executive Committee.

Stefan Trueck

Professor Stefan Trueck

Co-Director Centre for Financial Risk, Macquarie University.

Stefan joined Macquarie University in July 2007. He has held positions at Queensland University of Technology and University of Karlsruhe in Germany where he received a PhD in Statistics. Download Professor Stefan Trueck's presentation (PDF 274KB)


Ken Siu Associate Professor Ken Siu

Co-Director Centre for Financial Risk, Macquarie University.

Ken is an Associate Professor in Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University. His research areas are mathematical finance, actuarial science, risk management, stochastic calculus, filtering and control. Download Professor Ken Siu's presentation (PDF 189KB)

Geoff KingstonProfessor Geoff Kingston

Professor of Econonics, Macquarie University.

Geoff Kingston obtained his Bachelor and PhD degrees from the Australian National University. Before moving to Macquarie University in 2009, he lectured at the University of Western Ontario, the University of Queensland the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Download Professor Geoff Kingston's presentation (PDF 1.4MB)

Shauna Ferris

Ms. Shauna Ferris

Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University.

After studying actuarial studies and computer science at Macquarie University, Shauna Ferris worked in the financial services industry for several years, gaining experience in life insurance, banking, and superannuation. Download Ms Shauna Ferris' presentation (PDF 2.2MB)

Jiwook Jang

Dr Jiwook Jang

Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University.

Jiwook Jang obtained his B.A. in Business Administration from Sogang University, Seoul. After studying Actuarial Science for Master of Science at the City University, London, he completed his Ph.D. in Statistics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 1998. Download Dr Jiwook Jang's presentation (PDF 562KB)

Xian Zhou

Associate Professor Xian Zhou

Associate Professor, Macquarie University.

After graduation with his B.Sc. in Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xian Zhou went overseas to study at University of California at Santa Barbara, where he completed his M.A. in Statistics and Ph.D. in Mathematics. Download Associate Professor Xian Zhou's presentation (PDF 153KB)

Elizabeth Sheedy

Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy

Associate Professor, Macquarie University.

Elizabeth Sheedy teaches courses in Financial Risk Management and Modelling Market Risk in the Master of Applied Finance program. She has undertaken several consulting roles relating to the use of derivatives by investors and fund managers. Download Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy's presentation (PDF 399KB)

Piet de Jong

Professor Piet de Jong

Professor, Macquarie University.

Piet de Jong has been Professor of Actuarial Studies since 2003. Prior to coming to Macquarie, Professor de Jong spent many years as Professor of Statistics at the University of British Columbia and Reader in Actuarial Science at the London School of Economics. Download Professor Piet de Jong's presentation (PDF 190KB)