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Undergraduate Courses in Business and Economics

Choose Your Degree Now, Choose Your Career Later

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Macquarie University is renowned as Australia’s most flexible university. The way we see it, we’re here to help you choose a career, and to help you work towards it. We’re not here to lock you into a career before you even know anything about it!

That’s because Macquarie isn’t a rigid ‘Sandstone’ university. We’re a flexible university, built around choice and achievement.

Our Executive Dean, Professor Mark Gabbott, explains why studying with us is a great decision, and how we can help you obtain your career goals.

The Benefits of Studying an Undergraduate Course

For you, this means:

  • Flexibility — When you choose a Macquarie degree, you’re choosing flexibility. The flexibility to tailor your studies to your preferences, with a wide choice of electives, instead of being forced to follow some administrator’s idea of what will suit which career. The flexibility to wait until your second year before you choose a major! The flexibility to customise your program to you and your needs.
  • Business internships — Gain valuable on-the-job experience with business internships that count towards your degree. Turn work experience into credit points and learn how to apply your knowledge.
  • Employment prospects — Prospects for future employment have never looked better.  Business and Management graduates are highly sought after and the skills and knowledge you take from your degree are transferable to the commercial world.
  • Exchange programs — Study part of your degree overseas by taking part in one of our exciting student exchange programs. We have the largest student exchange program in Australia, with over 370 participating universities from 53 countries around the world. Travel scholarships are also available.
  • Master business communications skills — Learn critical business communication skills through the Academic Communication unit — a standard part of every Business and Economics degree.
  • A vibrant, flexible, inspiring environment — With high credit point entry requirements and a dynamic mix of students from more than 40 countries, you’ll enjoy unparalleled encouragement, support and inspiration from their peers.

Undergraduate Career Options

Enrolling in one of our degrees is the first step in developing the business and economics skills employers want.

  • A number of our degrees are industry accredited   
  • Earn more - We lead the field in New South Wales when it comes to above average incomes for our graduates in first-time, full-time employment, particularly in business.
  • Work ready - You'll have the ability to convert work experience into credit points towards your degree

Take a look at some of the career options you may have on graduation:

Hear from our students

Feedback from a current student

Bachelor of Business Administration with the Bachelor of Laws

"I chose Macquarie for its reputation for producing well-rounded graduates with interdisciplinary and industry-focused degrees. I chose my degrees because the Bachelor of Business Administration with the Bachelor of Laws has a diverse study programme that allows students to get a feel for most areas of commerce before allowing you to specialise in your later years. " Jarrad Harvey

Hear from more of our students:

Professional Accreditation

Professional accreditation improves your career prospects significantly. We offer a range of undergraduate degrees which are recognised by key industry bodies, so you graduate with more than just a piece of paper.

Professionally accredited courses include:

Find out more about our professionally accredited courses.

Hear from our graduates

Feedback from a undergraduate student

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

"The bachelor's program at Macquarie University was the best choice for me. Macquarie will usually give you some sort of leg up to help you secure an intern position, but when it comes down to it, you have to make yourself shine." Liz Lenert

Hear from more of our graduates:

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