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Professional & Community Engagement (PACE) is a bold initiative of Macquarie University that aims to connect students with industry. By studying a PACE Unit, Macquarie students are given the chance to contribute their academic learning, enthusiasm and fresh perspective to the professional workplace.

Complement your academic studies with "real world" experience. PACE Units are designed to give students a better understanding of the actual work context of their studies and assist them in their future employment prospects. PACE activities such as internships and work placements, offer the opportunity to enhance technical skills, careers prospects and provide valuable 'real world' knowledge and understanding.

The Faculty of Business and Economics PACE program is designed to create productive partnerships between the Faculty and Industry and provide our students with valuable work experience with leading public, private and not-for-profit sector organisations.

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Partner Benefits

Our PACE program takes a flexible approach to ensure we meet the needs of our partner organisations and work closely with them to identify their specific requirements.

We support partnerships that provide our students with industry experience and enhance our teaching and learning strategies.


  • Have an opportunity to work with top level students who can help tackle challenging projects
  • Gain recognition for involvement in education
  • Collaborate with leading Australian business academics
  • Develop new networks with other organisations that support the Faculty
  • Gain access to potential future graduates.

For our business the Intern program provides a valuable opportunity to be in on the ground floor in relation to attracting high quality talent and tapping into our future high performers and potential leaders. It brings a refreshing energy and different thought processes and ensures we understand our grass roots leadership. It provides a fantastic medium for our Brand as an Employer.
Keith Power, General Manager Human Resources, Beiersdorf Australia.

Student Benefits


  • Provide students with a better understanding of the actual work context of their studies
  • Enhance students' technical skills
  • Increase future employment prspects


  • Put learned theory into practice
  • Experience working in organisations
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills
  • Learn the importance of building organisational relationships critical for professional practice
  • Tackle challenging projects
  • Meet and work with talented and experienced professionals
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job marketplace
  • Establish a successful pathway between university and their first job.

The internship was beyond my expectations. I got the feel for finance while being part of a great community of people. I gained a thorough understanding of how finance fits within a business.
Vanessa Daaboul, GlaxoSmithKline Australia Intern