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Scope - Automotive Industry

Concept:Scope links manufacturers, dealers and consumers to increase profitability of after-sales services and improve customer retention rates.Finalist

3 primary benefits:

  • Dealerships identify good used-car stock for trade-ins
  • Dealerships effectively compete in the collaborative consumption market
  • Provide greater post-sale service packages (car maintenance, roadside assist)

Scope from Jacob Hkeik on Vimeo.

MyAd - Retail Advertising


MyAd is a mobile application designed to deliver the right ad, at the right time, at the right time, to the right customer.

Use a public WiFi connection to a mobile phone to identify potential customers in your area. Customers opt-in to recieve notification from categories they are interested in. Send them a push notification to alert them to your shop and any special promotions you have.Finalist

Benefits to the customer, retailers, shopping centres, and Deloitte.

MyAd Video Pitch from Omar Abawi on Vimeo.