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Program Overview

The program involves two in-person seminars (4 hours each) during Week 1 and Week 4 which will be conducted off campus.

During week 7, an in-person play testing session will be organised for students.

The final in-person session would be all teams pitching their ideas to a panel of judges at the MQ North Ryde campus.

Apart from these events, students are expected to collaborate among themselves with mentors online and on and off campus to work on the deliverables.

Activities to Be Undertaken Over the Semester

Phase 1. Fundamentals 2. Problems & Ideas 3. Concept Development 4. Creating engagement
  • Why sims, games?
  • Lego LEAN supply chain group sim
  • Designing a gamified sim - the mobile app game
  • Tools of the trade - excel, brain, paper, software
  • Mentor assignment
  • Defining & qualifying valuable problems that can be solved with sims and games
  • The corporate simulator exercise
  • Idea bank development - come up with a good problem to solve with sim/game
  • Active concept selection
  • Crowdsourcing, Innovation & the web
  • Prototype development & research
  • Market testing - talking to potential customers and end-users
  • Concept iteration and positive failure
  • Develop sim/game initial release
  • Video documentation
  • Define supporting business model & activities
  • Develop implementation and scale up plan
Deliverables Mobile app game
  • Team idea bank
  • Active concept/value proposition
Research/Prototype Report
  • Sim/Gamified service
  • Development plan
  • Outcomes Survey