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Areas of undergraduate study

We offer undergraduate study options in the areas of:

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Accounting is the 'Language of Business'.

Find out about accounting at Macquarie or see specific accounting degree information.

Stephanie Yap Abedin

Actuarial Studies

An actuary is essentially a risk-manager and creative problem-solver.

Find out about actuarial studies at Macquarie or see specific actuarial studies degree information

Lauren Hammacher

Business Analytics

The data revolution has increased the employment demand for persons with the abilities to extract value from these sources of data.

Find out about business analytics studies at Macquarie University.

Dr Yvette Blount

Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems will provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of information systems concepts and issues, enabling them to fully participate in the increasingly globalised business community.

Find out about Business Information Systems.

Mark Gabbott

Business Leadership

Business leadership studies will equip you with relevant, future-focused and leadership skills which prepare you for the future, and which are in high demand by employers. Find out about business leadership studies at Macquarie University.

Klaudia Kowalewska

Business Studies

In today's competitive marketplace business graduates need a comprehensive understanding of corporate strategy and all business functions to success.

Find out about business studies at Macquarie or see specific business degree information.

Susan Sun


Commerce prepares evidence-driven, world-ready business professionals for a wide range of careers. Our commerce degree allows you to choose a specialisation from a range of areas.

Find out about commerce at Macquarie or see specific commerce degree information.

Ben Quinlan


Economists understand complicated economic and social processes, intervene to make outcomes better, and set policies that have a major effect on society.

Find out about economics at Macquarie or see specific economics degree information.

Bhavik Jeena


Finance is about the management of money, banking, investment and credit.

Find out about finance at Macquarie or see specific finance degree information.

Katie Barter

Global Business

Global Business graduates finish with workplace experience and bilingualism. This enhances your ability to obtain employment in your preferred career path, domestically or internationally.

Find out about global business studies at Macquarie University.

gordon starkey


Human Resources Management involves a wide range of activities associated with the management of employees and the employment relationship.

Find out about human resources at Macquarie or see specific human resources degree information.

Katie Barter

International Business

The International Business major at Macquarie University is a fantastic way to gain an understanding of how business works both locally and internationally.

Find out about international business at Macquarie or see specific international business degree information.

Goran Dravec


Marketing graduates typically begin their career as a Marketing Assistant and progress through marketing, communications, brand and product management roles to the highest levels in the private and public sector.

Find out about marketing at Macquarie or see specific marketing degree information.

Rosa-Clare Willis


The Bachelor of Marketing and Media is an interdisciplinary degree with teaching staff consisting of widely published academics, professional marketers and award winning media producers- all with industry experience in their area of expertise.

Find out about Marketing and Media.