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Undergraduate Accounting

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a recent graduate of our Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree

Hear from a student - Le Ma: a recent graduate of our Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree

Accounting is the process of collecting, measuring and communicating economic information which is used for planning, reporting and decision making. Accountants are employed in all areas of commerce, industry and government. Graduates with accounting skills remain in high demand with employers world-wide.

At Macquarie, students can study accounting and professional accounting at undergraduate level through the Bachelor of Commerce. Upon completion of an accounting degree, graduates undertake a range of activities such as:

  • Participating with top management to set future directions for an organisation
  • Analysing future potential growth opportunities for new products and markets
  • Developing management information systems to facilitate decision making and organisational control
  • Reporting on an organisations performance
  • Assisting top management in strategy formulation and implementation.

Accounting Degree at Macquarie

Accounting degrees are varied at Macquarie University. An accountant can practice after completing a single Accounting degree or double degree with an Accounting component. We are a Registered Tuition Provider of the CPA Program, and our Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting meets the tertiary accreditation requirements of:

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Specific Degree Information:

What's the difference between Accounting and Finance?

Accounting is about the collection, measurement and communication of economic information so that an informed decision can be made by the users of that information. An Accounting degree can be broken down into management accounting and financial accounting. Management accounting provides information for managers whereas financial accounting produces financial statements for organisations.

Finance is about managing money. It is the study of financial markets and the instruments within it such as company shares, etc. Finance can be broadly classified as managerial finance and financial services.

What do you study in an Accounting degree?

Students should have an interest in:

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    Accounting systems and processes
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Business and corporate law
  • Corporate accounting and reporting
  • Economic policies and regulations
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial management
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Information systems design and development
  • International accounting
  • Management and control
  • Professional issues
  • Quantitative methods
  • Statistical analyses
  • Sustainability issues
  • Taxation

Where can you go with an Accounting degree?

The career paths are numerous because regardless of your career choice, accounting will provide valuable skills for both the individual and the employer. Accountants are needed in every industry and every organisation needs to have access to accounting information. An accounting graduate may work in a big accounting firm, a smaller accounting firm or any large or medium sized organisation in any industrial sector including not for profit.

The market has changed with the global financial crisis, and there is great demand for accounting skills harnessed through an accounting degree. Positions in demand include the following areas:

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Business analyst
  • Corporate tax accountants
  • Consulting firm manager
  • Credit controllers
  • External audit
  • Financial accountants
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial institution manager
  • Forensic accountant
  • Government policy planner / analyst
  • Insolvency
  • IT audit
  • Management accountants
  • Management consultant
  • Merchant banker
  • Payroll officers
  • Project accountants
  • Risk consulting/Internal audit
  • Stockbroker
  • Systems implementation and integration
  • Tax consulting

How much you can earn with an Accounting degree?

A degree qualified accountant can expect an average salary of $53,389. A CA/CPA qualified accountant in External Audit can expect to earn an average salary of $64,000. A Senior Qualified Accountant Finance Director/CFO can expect to earn an average salary of around $260,000. (Please refer to Asia Pacific Salary Guide 2012)

Accountants are in demand and their earnings are high. More job outlook information

What special facilities and supports does Macquarie University provide?

Macquarie University provides a number of support services for students including Peer Assisted Learning (a free informal workshop run by students who have already taken the course), conversation groups (where students can improve their English language skills), computer laboratories, regular contact with lecturers and study skills support.

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