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Undergraduate Commercial Law

Focused Legal Knowledge for the Business World

Selina Dent Commercial Law

Hear from a student - Selina Dent: Currently completing the Commercial Law major


Commercial law provides students with the opportunity to study law as it relates to commercial activities both within Australia and internationally. The program enlightens students to legal issues in commerce and accounting practice as well as providing a solid foundation in relation to the impact of the law on individual rights and general business practice.

Commercial Law at Macquarie

Commercial Law subjects can be studied in the Bachelor of Commerce degree. The degree is designed with a broad foundation year then an indepth study of one or two discipline major(s). Commercial law subjects are relevant to business, trade and commerce not only in Australia but also in Asia and Europe.

Students are encouraged to combine the Bachelor of Commerce with other degrees to form double degrees and to combine the Bachelor of Commerce with Laws for a combined degree.

Specific Degree Information

What can you study in a Commercial Law major?

Commercial Law units are relevant to a variety of programs offered by Macquarie University. Exposure to the law through the units offered ensures a well-rounded commercial education and equips students for employment in the private and public spheres. Students will study topics such as:

  • Search by ATARGlobal legal frameworks for a sustainable planet
  • Law in Australian society
  • Business ethics
  • Business law
  • Business disputes
  • Corporations law
  • Revenue law
  • Human resources law
  • Marketing and management law
  • Japanese trade law
  • European trade law
  • China trade and investment law

Where can you go with Commercial Law?

Studies in Commercial Law can lead students to a variety of career paths in industries such as:

  • Business consultancy
  • Management
  • Legal education
  • Legal research editorial
  • Policy development
  • Public relations
  • Strategic planning

How much can you earn in Commercial Law?

As a graduate, working in a job such as a 'Policy Analyst', you could expect an average wage of $90,000 per year.

For the most up-to-date estimates, check the website for Commercial Law wages.

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