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Current Topics in Marketing

Marketing is a popular career choice. It can be creative, or perceptive of human behaviours, or analytical and financially measurable. Others think of "marketing" as a dirty word; with thoughts of greedy sellers and advertising that bends the truth.

Marketing is, however, a much bigger concept. Like all things, it can be used positively or negatively. At its core, marketing is just a group, organisation or business spreading awareness of itself and communicating to others.

Through time, trends and issues in marketing change. Just as the printing press in the 15th Century revolutionised marketing with mass-printing, so the digital age has changed the game.

It's not just technology that influences the trends of marketing though. Changes in cultural ideologies and values, financial markets, and consumer expectations can all play a large role in driving change.

Roger James, former Chairman of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), explains some current issues in marketing (videos below):

Ethical Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

Creativity in Marketing

Finance & Marketing

Team Skills for Marketers