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Ashlee Marcuccio

Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

"Completing a degree at Macquarie University had always been top of mind for me during high schooI. I liked the fact that Macquarie is a nice campus with open courtyards and nice grass areas. From the beginning it seemed like the right fit for me. A relaxed environment which allowed my friends and I to focus, but enjoy our degrees at the same time, is a major benefit and quite unique to Macquarie

I chose this degree because a BBA at Macquarie gives you a taste of all facets of business like Marketing, Economics, HR, and Accounting- and I wanted the best chance to open as many doors as possible to land the dream job. The best thing I could have done was to choose a double degree with such different backgrounds because the contrast of Accounting fundamentals with that of Child Psychology for example made for a very exciting few years of study. I now look back, and can say that I chose this degree because of the wonderful way that Psychology has complemented my Business studies and corporate experience.

I believe that University is wonderful for instilling time management, prioritisation, problem solving and working well with peers- skills that I value and will take through my career.

Overall, my experience at Macquarie has been fulfilling, busy, challenging and fun. I have met wonderful friends, learnt incredible content, interacted with Lecturers and Tutors whom I genuinely respect and enjoyed the social aspect of Macquarie as well. Nothing comes close to the sense of achievement of completing an assignment or an exam (semester in, semester out) and then finally completing a degree which will help move you to the next stage of your life. Macquarie has been enriching and l'm fortunate I was able to study here."