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Daniella Gennari

Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Laws (honours)

Choosing Macquarie University was an easy choice as it was close to home and has a great campus ‘vibe’ with open space and friendly environment. It also has a good reputation for being one of the best universities for business in particular. I also liked Macquarie University as it seemed more in time with modern technology, for example, by offering ilectures and other online facilities which other universities do not. This was particularly useful because it allowed for flexibility which is very important when you are a university student.

My degrees helped me to gain a solid knowledge base in the areas of business and law which I have been able to use and develop in my role at Ernst & Young. Whilst the theoretical knowledge is important, it was the practical components which have been most valuable. Being at Macquarie also allowed me to build a network of friends, which is particularly important in the working world.

Overall, my experience at Macquarie University was a good one. I learned much during my 5 years there – about business, law, making friends, and preparing for the working world. While there were definitely stressful days trying to get assignments done in time and preparing for exams at the end of semester, it was all worth it because the knowledge and experience I gained from my time there are now invaluable. I now feel as though I have the world at my feet!

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