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Sarah Eqbal

As soon as employers see you have a uni degree, they're happy. As soon as they see it's from a uni they know, they're more ready to talk about job opportunities. It makes getting your foot in the door easier. Being in the HR field, all my employers said really liked the edge my double degree gave me. The combination of Business and Psychology is definitely a winner! I really enjoyed studying my double degree at Macquarie. My lecturers and tutors were knowledgeable and supportive. Some of my lecturers were also really great with multimedia applications and they made our lecturers engaging and fun...dare I say! 

Macquarie  also has a really relaxed vibe. I made an eclectic bunch of friends who made the years fly by. I still miss the sight of families of ducks crossing the road near the car park. I’m really happy with my double degree in Business and Psychology. I feel it gives me a bit of an edge in the corporate world, especially as a TMS Trainer and Facilitator of psychometric profiles. The Business part of my double degree says that I know how things work operationally and the Psychology part says that I understand how people work too. 

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