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Angela Poon

I chose Macquarie University because of its reputation of having the longest running Actuarial studies program. This meant that through Macquarie, I’m one step closer to becoming a qualified actuary! It also has a relaxed culture offering many extracurricular activities such as the Global Leadership Program and a range of student societies where we can meet a diverse group of students.

I chose Actuarial Studies and Finance because of my interest in both Mathematics and Commerce in high school. The challenging nature of the course meant that I will be continually developing my problem solving skills. It is also a very rewarding career as we can become qualified Actuaries and work in a range of different areas. 

My university experience has been fabulous! I have joined numerous societies such as SIFE, AIESEC and ASSOC and met many like minded friends. Attending the Global Leadership Program colloquia and distinguished speakers series have widened my perspective and enhanced my international awareness. I have also completed a summer exchange program at the Copenhagen Business School and travelled all around Europe with some new found Macquarie University friends. The number of extracurricular opportunities has been eye opening. I would have never learnt so much, met so many friends and develop myself as an effective leader without them!


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