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Harrison May

Harrison May was interested in business but was still unsure of what he would study after school.

'Last year when I began looking at potential degrees, I had in mind a degree that I called economic psychology…a degree that doesn't exist. Feeling unsure, then, about my choices I came across this new degree. It's emphasis intrigued and captivated me.'

Harrison saw the advantages of the new Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce Degree and its relation to our global society.

'It took leadership from the intangible to the tangible. I am becoming increasingly aware that because of our global economy, companies are now the new 'countries', so the quality of our business leaders is becoming vital to our global health.'

Harrison is a part of the first cohort of Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce Degree and believes that 'this degree will help prepare me both as a business person and a future leader.'

Due to the many opportunities Macquarie University can offer our future leaders, Harrison May is currently in the: