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Susan Sun

“Work hard, Play hard” is the description of my experience at Macquarie. Work in Macquarie does not just mean academic studies but also the volunteer opportunities and internships where I gain the most hand-on experiences and get myself prepared for job searching after graduation.

The campus experience is more than I expected. Everything we need is reachable and accessible The most impressive part is the sustainable development which gives us a green campus we take pride in.

The learning style encourages students to think independently and creatively. Learning is fun and challenging in Macquarie! My brand management lecturer has inspired me a lot by being great role model. She shows absolute passion about what she is doing and also being grateful and humble about what she has achieved.

I know at Macquarie I will not only gain the technical competency within the marketing field, but also the self-learning, critical thinking and communication skills which are highly valued in the work force today.

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