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Access MQ - Laura Ward

Laura at her internship at Access MQ

Laura Ward Completed an internship with Access MQ as part of her second year of study in her Bachelor of Commerce.

"My internship allowed me to actually do what I had learned about. I can ask questions about why things are done the way they are."

"Interning at Access Macquarie has been a fantastic opportunity in which I have been able to gain first hand experience in a marketing environment. It has been interesting to witness and learn about their day business operations and why they do certain things. And importantly, they care about your ideas and opinions as you come in with a fresh mind."

"Practical skills are something that university doesn't teach you, yet are invaluable to have in order to gain future employment."

"My role was in the English Language Centre of Access MQ. I was responsible for updating the databases, sending emails, and a variety of other tasks."

“It was a pleasure to have such engaged and enthusiastic students come through. In fact we were able to offer 2 of the students a part-time job in the marketing department,"

Ms Krista Borg
Head of Marketing Access Macquarie Limited.

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