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International internships

Marcello Pinto and Luke Dominish are just two of our students who have had the chance to do an international internship as part of their university studies, through the FOBE300 PACE unit.

Essential experience

"It is extremely vital that students have an international internship experience beacause we are living in a global environment... Macquarie University provide quality academic education, but to support this academic environment, they have the opportunity of participating in these international internships."

Dr Meena Chevan,
Senior Lecturer of international business and cross-cultural management

We spoke to Marcello and Luke about their experience of international internships. We share with you their thoughts and opinions, but if you want to know more about the chance to do an internship as part of your Macquarie degree, please contact our PACE team.

Meet the interns

Marcello Pinto

Marcello Pinto

Degree: Finance and International Business
Country of internship: Singapore
Company: Ashland Group

Marcello conducted market research and competitor analysis for the pharmaceutical department of the Ashland Group.

"My role was conducting research, and reporting to my manager... We also did a comprehensive financial analysis."


  • Interacting with new people from new cultures;
  • Working in a dynamic workplace (multilingual, etc)

Key benefits?

  • Confidence;
  • Ability to work in an international business;
  • Knowing I want to work in an international environment
Luke Dominish

Luke Dominish

Degree: B. Commerce (Human Resource Management)
Country of internship: India
Company: Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery

"Whilst I was there we were looking at employee engagement. Things like training development programs, what the employee wants, and how the company can engage them more."


"Being able to travel to India, work in another environment, get some international experience was absolutely rewarding."

"The team there were really lovely, really nice people. Great working with them."

Key benefits?

  • Interviewing skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Time management;
  • Increased employment opportunities

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