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Microsoft Australia - Ronan Chander

Ronan Chander at Microsoft Australia

Ronan Chander completed a work placement at Microsoft through our PACE program, and subsequently gained employment through their graduate program. The PACE program enabled him to gain experience as an intern as part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Since completing his internship at Microsoft Australia, Ronan is now employed as a Business Planning Analyst for the Marketing Department at Microsoft Australia.

It’s no coincidence that Ronan is working at Microsoft Australia. Through his PACE internship Ronan was able to demonstrate his work-ready abilities, and gained the recognition of his internship supervisor, who describes Ronan as “an incredibly impressive intern for Microsoft Australia.”

And for Microsoft Australia, his supervisor Steven Miller comments that “when we think about hiring, PACE program participants have a track record that makes it incredibly attractive to us, and makes us want to partner more with that program and Macquarie University in the future.

It all starts with a single unit...

Ronan’s placement resulted in a permanent employment, but that’s not where it started. His journey began just like any other university student – making the decision of what units to study. Ronan chose to study a PACE internship unit, which launched him into the corporate world of Microsoft Australia’s marketing department.

“My internship involved me looking after the day to day management of the budget, and also helping the marketers in day to day operations, as well as helping out with the financial planning for the new financial year… I was able to work out exactly what we were going to be doing for the next 12 months, and liaise with lots of managers and executives, and really got my name across the entire business,” says Ronan Chander.

Ronan’s internship supervisor, Steven Miller, remarked that “He has to deal with 100 marketers across Microsoft Australia on any given day. He also looks after all of the samples of software that we would give out to enterprises and consumers on a daily basis.”

Ronan also comments on some highlights of his time as an intern, “I was able to take part in the Windows 8 launch. I was able to demo Xbox 2. All these customers, I was able to go to with confidence and take part in seeing what customers see of Microsoft and being able to talk with them and liaise with them, and really get to know the company from all sides.”

A word to the wise...

When thinking about a few words for students thinking about what to enrol in, Ronan comments that, “It’s really crucial to get that kind of practical experience outside of what you do, because it really shapes up and rounds up everything that you’ve learned at uni... The structured learning I got through the PACE unit, along with my practical application through Microsoft, really helped me get from an intern into a fully-fledged graduate in one of the biggest companies in the world.”

Steven Miller had a few words of advice to other organisations considering partnering with PACE to facilitate student internships, “I would definitely recommend that other organisations look at PACE program participants as part of their organisation’s intern program. The reason I say that is the readiness they bring to the role… The fact that PACE is an ongoing program gives us confidence that when we are bringing in interns, we know that they are of a capable standard.”

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