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Marketing & Management Prizes & Scholarships

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Hear from a student - Liz Lenert: studying our Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing degree

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Recognising our best students and their academic achievements is one of the Dean's proudest duties.

We acknowledge the support we have from large and small corporations and industry associations that gives our students a wonderful opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment to their studies.

Over 150 specific prizes and scholarships are available to students enrolled in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

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  • Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship
  • Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship (MAS)
  • Macquarie Indigenous Top-Up Scholarship (MITS)
    • This scholarship is to reward Indigenous students on the commencement of their second, third or fourth year of study. The scholarship amount will increase each year from $1000 in Year 2 to $3000 in Year 4. Applications will be mailed to eligible applicants.
  • Indigenous Access Scholarship
    • In accordance with the Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines, institutions will give special consideration to Indigenous applicants to ensure a fair proportion of the Commonwealth Scholarships offered by the institution are awarded to Indigenous applicants. Valued at $4166 and offered only once over the course of a lifetime. Applications for this scheme are lodged through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC). More information about the indigenous access scholarship can be found at the UAC website.
  • The Macquarie University Family Scholarship (supported by the University's Alumni)
    • The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the legacy of family members attending Macquarie University across generations. The scholarship will be awarded to an immediate family member of alumnus/alumnae on the basis of financial hardship. This $5000 scholarship is available for full-time, undergraduate study, for one year only. For further information visit the Macquarie Alumni Website


  • The Alf and Pearl Pollard Memorial Prize
    • Awarded to the most outstanding student in the fourth year of undergraduate study at the Faculty of Business and Economics.
  • The Australia-Japan Society Prize
    • Open to all students proceeding to the degree of Bachelor. Awarded for proficiency in 300-level Japanese. As well as a significant contribution to the study of Japan, and to future Japan-Australia relations.
  • The Macquarie University Alumni Kathryn Murphy Memorial Prize
    • Open to all female students proceeding to the honours degree of Bachelor in the Faculty of Business and Economics. Awarded for academic merit in 300 level units taken in the Faculty of Business and Economics. Supported by the University's Alumni.

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